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1) Print Ad 
• 11"w  x  8.5"h  (landscape orientation)
• No Bleed
• 300 dpi

2) Touchscreen Ad
• 1370px  x  1028px  (landscape orientation)
• 72 dpi

3) Scrolling Logo Button (Will Be Linked to Your Ad)
• 150px  x  120px (landscape orientation) 
• 72 dpi
• May include one line of text information such as a phone number or website

4) Coupon
• 350px  x  150 px 
• 72 dpi

5) Business Cards  & Brochure Holders
Please note that you will also have space on the display to place your business cards and brochures/flyers/menus, etc. 

6) Maps, Directions, & QR Codes
Your ad page will also provide viewers with directions to your business with intergrated maps.  Also there will be QR Codes that link to your website.

7) Feature Article on
Each month we will be featuring a few of the local businesses that have participated in the project this year.
We would love for you to be one of them. 
Here are some ideas:
    • Tell us something great a customer said…
    • Tell us what the community needs to know about YOUR business
    • Send us a blurb from your website
    • Has the local paper/another publication featured your business lately? Send us the article, we'll include something similar on

This added feature will help maximize your exposure on and contribute to the success of your advertising investment. 

8) Top-Rated Local Business Button
We are proud to have you as a reputable local supporter of the Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce.
To spread the word, we have provided a way to put a link to your advertisement on your website, emails, and any other place you see fit.

Showing others that you are a top-rated business in your community can be a great way to bring in new business and maximize your investment in this project.

All you have to do is click on the button to the left (or ask your webmaster to click on the button) and follow the instructions.

Why Use The Coupon Feature?
• Drive traffic to your ad by making it more visible than those without a coupon.

• Coupons can also help track the return of your advertising dollar.

• Help build new business by offering deals that potential clients can't refuse.

• More than two-thirds of U.S. consumers say they look for printable coupons online before choosing a service or company.  Your coupon may be what makes them choose your company over another in your industry.

Specs are listed below each one.
What you can expect:

• Easy step by step instructions

• Plenty of tips and ideas for what you'd like to have on your ads, coupon, logo button, and feature article in case you need help.

Ready To Get Started?
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